Hortonworks: Caught Up & In Position to Pass Cloudera

We've been tracking several Hadoop related vendors over the past couple of years.  Post the last three spending intentions surveys, we've run and updated an analysis which identifies the vendors that look best and worst among those intending to Adopt or Increase spend on 7 different Hadoop related vendors that we include in the survey universe.  While several of these names had already shown strong upticks in the last year, it was off lower initial Net scores and smaller citation bases.  

The 2015 data for Hortonworks is not only impressive versus previous Hortonworks' data sets, but versus the entire 2015 survey universe (474 vendor-sector combinations) and versus ETR's entire 6-year history of survey work.  Hortonworks' 2015 Net score in Data Warehousing of 80% is the best Net score in the 2015 survey among vendors with =>30 citations.  Among Hortonworks' 2015 respondents, 33% indicated it will be a new Adoption for their organizations in 2015. 

Spending intentions for Hortonworks significantly began to improve in April of 2014.  At this point, Hortonworks only lags Cloudera by a few citations and has better forward-looking data.   

We began tracking Hortonworks in June of 2013 and as such, we will not be able to forecast revenues until January 2016, as we need 2.5 years worth of data.