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If you’re a qualified enterprise IT executive → end user (e.g. CIO through Senior Manager), we welcome you to join ETR’s community of over 3,500 high-level enterprise IT end users globally and gain access to our end user-to-end user network of research via high-velocity surveys, communications, roundtables, and meetings. Participation in this community will not cause you to be inundated with vendor emails, as we do not work or share with technology vendors.

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Survey participants will be provided secure links to live, real-time preliminary survey results, analysis around IT spending trends, and dynamic data files from the final survey results.


2H16 Survey Respondent Deliverables: Benefits of Joining ETR

Immediately upon submitting your electronic questionnaire, you'll be provided with both a secure link to view the live and real-time polling results (downloadable as word, excel or pdf) and a link to ETR's Box account, where you can download all of our latest research, dynamic survey data files and analyses. You'll receive the executive summary and complete master statistical data file of the survey's results by July 22th, 2016. The results will NOT be widely distributed. 

(1) Access to all partial, real-time results and complete final results from our four core Technology Spending Intentions Surveys (JAN, APR, JUL, OCT). This includes the (a) master statistical data file, (b) the Quick Takes Note and (c) "The Viz" file.


(2) Access to all topical Drill-Down Survey Results and associated data files you participate in during 2016 (up to 8 total).


(3) Invitation to 20 Data-Curated Events - extremely upscale private events unlike anything ever done before in the tech space. We've already hosted events with two disruptive technology companies - Docker and Hortonworks. 


(4) Invitation and Free attendance to our Inaugural Technology Conference in NYC (coming in 2017) . Enterprise IT Pros to Enterprise IT Pros, where we'll announce the winners of the first ever data-driven ETR ProphIT Awards for enterprise IT excellence, utilizing our 7 years of historical survey data. Winners will receive In-Residence Customer Program opportunities (e.g. one week trip with one's significant other to a vendor's R&D lab somewhere in the world to listen and provide feedback regarding their major initiatives still in the pipeline).

(5) "The Vett" - Our upcoming and expedient process for you, our high-level enterprise IT group members, to briefly preview and vett the enterprise-facing technology startups and early stage companies that we're meeting with weekly and that you could possibly mentor. "The Vett" is intended to keep you current, informed and aware of emerging enterprise technologies via an extremely low fatigue process. Begins in January.


(6) Become a Mentor in the ETR&D Mentorship Program - We're matching enterprise-facing technology startups and earlier stage companies with our high-level enterprise IT group members (YOU) based on their expertise, focus and interest. Mentors will help shape and guide emerging technologies and companies often from a pre-venture capital stage. Mentors will be eligible to sit on the board of advisors and participate in the preferred economics of the private companies that they mentor (if permitted by the mentor's organization).


(7) "FITO" (For-IT-Only) ETR’s by-invitation-only, data-driven and real-time research, peer benchmarking and communication platform. Purposefully built to empower you, our high-level IT group members, to instantaneously identify peers based on technology vendor usage and intentions, as well as professional profile criteria (e.g. title, industry vertical, geographic location, size of organization). In less than a minute you can, in a compliant manner, search and assemble a highly-specific subgroup of peers which you can then initiate contact with (via connection request) to potentially discuss a vendor or technology that you may be evaluating - and that your peer has recently and already adopted. Think LinkedIn's peer search functionality combined with our 7 years of vendor spending intentions data. Live before 2017.

Join a network of more than 3,500 high-level enterprise IT end users globally who have been invited to participate in our end user-to-end user network of high-velocity surveys, communications, roundtables, and meetings.