ETR's Government Involvement

Capabilities of ETR

ETR is a research and consulting firm specializing in (1) quantitative IT architecture assessment and assistance in vendor procurement (2) survey-based technology market research (3) market assessment and assistance in commercialization of emerging technologies and (4) custom survey services.
ETR offers government clients cutting-edge solutions and independent ideas by using data-driven research and predictive analytics. ETR does not engage in implementation – we don’t produce or sell hardware or software and we don’t implement technology infrastructure. We identify customer challenges and provide the necessary resources and strategies to overcome these challenges.

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Data Collection and Research Process

ETR performs 4 standardized surveys annually regarding forward-looking technology spending intentions amongst an end user community of 3,500+ CIO-types. In addition, ETR conducts drill-down surveys among specific end users (1) to gain greater granularity among compelling themes caught in the core 4 surveys; (2) to answer customer-specific questions; and (3) to perform market assessment services. Each year, ETR collects over 500,000 data points around enterprise technology spending intentions. ETR’s survey data is scrutinized, cleaned and analyzed using a myriad of proprietary models and statistical programs.

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Consulting, Technology Market Research and Survey Services

Government IT departments are challenged by declining budgets and the ever changing IT landscape. As such, government IT organizations must be cost conscious and ensure the right technologies and services are being procured. ETR’s consulting and research services will keep your IT department ahead of the curve by informing you of changes in IT architecture occurring at the largest organizations in the world. ETR will assess your current IT environment, offer assistance in vendor procurement, help modernize your architecture, give you near real-time indication of Enterprise IT budgets (directionally and sector/vertical specific), forward looking market share trends and analysis, and access to our end user community. Deliverables and services include:

  • Quantitative IT architecture assessment, peer benchmarking
  • Assistance in vendor procurement
  • A technology infrastructure roadmap that leads to cost savings, infrastructure efficiency and security, and modernization
  • Survey-based and data driven technology market research (spans 25 sectors of enterprise technology, which currently includes 303 public and private vendors)
  • ETR’s proprietary models, interactive visualization tools and research notes
  • Near real-time indication of Enterprise IT budgets, directionally and sector/vertical specific
  • Forward looking market share trends and analysis, including potential disruptive/disrupted technologies to help procure next-gen technologies and eliminate procuring vendors soon to be obsolete
  • ETR will engage its end user community to answer customer-specific questions. ETR will work with IT departments to design custom surveys and analyze the results. IT departments will be provided with live and secure links to the real-time polling data so that they may track the data and results in real-time.
  • Access to ETR’s data ecosystem - real-time technology insight and advice from CIOs/CTOs, technology experts, and data scientists
  • ETR will work with IT departments to craft custom quantitative/qualitative analyses and PowerPoint decks to measure end user interest
  • Project Managers are available to answer questions when they arise

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Market Assessment and Assistance in Commercialization

ETR partners with government funded labs/technologies to match, mentor, scale, and integrate their solutions with Fortune 500 and Global 1000 companies, SMB organizations and institutional investors. Government funded labs/technologies build rich, rooted relationships with over 3,500 of the world’s most influential chief information & technology officers. As a result, these labs establish lasting, symbiotic relationships with critical enterprise IT end users in their target verticals: finance, telecommunications, biotech, retail, consumer goods, healthcare, et al. Further, these relationships accelerate a company’s growth and help management avoid common missteps. Members within ETR’s end user community often become users of the technologies they mentor. Deliverables and services include:

  • Market assessment – dynamic models and executive summaries gauging market interest (including end users that are willing to take a technology preview), market trends, barriers to entry, competition, risk, opportunities, etc.
  • ETR will facilitate a proof-of-concept through a pilot with our CIO community
  • Access to ETR’s Innovation Council - CIOs/CTOs who are constantly ahead of the curve in adopting disruptive technology
  • Inclusion in ETR’s private company survey and the VETT (a website that allows government funded labs/technologies to be previewed and rated by ETR’s sample)
  • Data-curated events - disruptive government funded labs/technologies have the opportunity to present their product(s) to 50 CIOs/CTOs and 15 investors
  • Joint go-to-market with partners like Microsoft
  • ETR will identify partners and M&A opportunities
  • Webinars and dinners for educational purposes

ETR has successfully evaluated cybersecurity research being conducted at government labs (Department of Energy and Department of Defense) and assisted in making the technologies available for pilot and commercial licensing for The Department of Homeland Security (DHS Science and Technology – Transition to Practice Program).

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DHS Science and Technology - Transition to Practice Program

ETR is the sole technology market research provider to the Department of Homeland Security’s Cyber Security Division.
The Transition to Practice Program (TTP) at DHS Science and Technology is one of the leads on the government’s initiative to transition more government research into the marketplace. TTP focuses on identifying the best cybersecurity research being conducted at government labs (DOE, DOD, NSF) in order to make it available for pilots and commercial licensing with the goal of increasing the nation’s cybersecurity posture and driving economic growth. The Department of Homeland Security selected ETR to assist in evaluating cybersecurity research and provide assistance in making the technologies available for pilot and commercial licensing.

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Case Studies

I have content but need to review with TD before we put it on the website.

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Recommendations from DHS and Government Organizations

We are in the process of getting recommendations from Poz, the labs we are working with, and government respondents.

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